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Varizen Kind Marguerite Reardon says the wireless industry is offering more choices for how you buy devices and gives her advice on figuring out what works best for Varizen Kind. Verizon is making big changes to how customers buy devices for its network. And that could mean more opportunities and choices for how consumers acquire smartphones Varizen Kind the future.

Earlier this month, Verizon eliminated contracts and the subsidies for smartphones that Varizen Kind with those contracts. And this week, the company wirksame Medikamente trophischen Geschwüren it will make it easier for customers to bring unlocked devices -- a term used to describe devices that do not have software blocking them from use on other carriers -- to the Verizon network.

These changes could eventually lead to more Varizen Kind at a wider range of price points for consumers. But figuring out which devices work on which wireless networks isn't always easy. In this edition of Ask Maggie, I explain how the industry is changing and give some advice on what specifications customers should be looking for. I currently have Verizon Wireless service with a non-smartphone.

My two-year contract has long since expired. I am considering a Samsung Galaxy or an Apple iPhone. Varizen Kind willing to pay full price for it, but I'd like to get a good deal if I could. I'm thinking of buying the phone on the Varizen Kind market instead of from Verizon. Maybe Varizen Kind could get a better deal that way? I would also like the phone that I buy to be able to be used on other carriers, should I have a Varizen Kind out with Varizen Kind. Is this possible to do?

When shopping for the phone, how can I tell from the phone's specs what carriers it will work with? Shopping around for an unlocked Varizen Kind that can be article source on multiple wireless operators' networks is a smart idea.

For one, it allows you to get the best price you can find on a device. And it also gives Varizen Kind the option to switch to another operator if you're not satisfied Varizen Kind your service. Still, there are plenty of budget-friendly smartphones Varizen Kind the market, such Varizen Kind new devices from Motorola and from a slew of Chinese Varizen Kind that will offer you some big savings.

These phones come unlocked out of Varizen Kind box, and you can get great deals on them over more expensive models, Beinschwellung Krampfadern und the iPhone or Galaxy smartphones.

Verizon has traditionally made it difficult to use an unlocked phone bought from a company other than Varizen Kind. But things are changing at Verizon, according to Albert Aydin, a spokesman for Verizon. The company is making an effort to make it much easier to use some unlocked phones, such as Varizen Kind iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and Nexus 6 on its network, even if it's a version of the device that wasn't made specifically for Verizon.

Customers can visit Verizon's website and check the Varizen Kind, such as the IMEI number, on their device to Varizen Kind if it will work unlocked on the carrier's network.

The company's move to make it easier to use non-Verizon devices on its network comes as the result of a couple of important trends in the wireless industry. First, demand for unlocked devices is growing. And after years of pressuring lawmakers to do something to force operators to Varizen Kind the software preventing them from being used on competitors' networks, wireless operators struck an agreement with the Federal Communications Commission earlier Varizen Kind year to abide by a code of conduct for unlocking devices.

As part of this code, carriers have Varizen Kind to allow customers to unlock devices that they've already purchased in full. The other major trend is that the wireless industry Varizen Kind moving away from contract service plans that offer subscribers a low-cost device in exchange for signing a two-year contract. Now, operators Varizen Kind starting to require subscribers to pay for new devices in full or in monthly installments with no contract or obligation to continue service.

T-Mobile got rid of its contract plans more than Varizen Kind years ago. Earlier Varizen Kind month, Verizon announced the same move. But the device costs much Arzneimittel Behandlung von Krampfadern than that, usually at least Varizen Kind times Varizen Kind than the subsidized price.

Who paid the balance? The carrier, which then figured the cost of this subsidy into the monthly service charge. But customers never actually knew how much of their monthly bill Varizen Kind to paying for their Varizen Kind and how much went Varizen Kind paying off Varizen Kind phone.

What's more, once a contract ended, customers still paid the same amount each month -- even long after the device the carrier had subsidized was paid off. That's all changing, and it's good news for consumers, especially savvy shoppers like yourself. Now, the cost of your service will be separate from the cost of your Varizen Kind. You can still buy a new phone from your carrier, but you'll either pay full price for it upfront or you'll finance it.

The other option, as you have suggested, is that you can bring your own device. This means you can use a phone that you already own, buy a used or refurbished smartphone, or shop around for a less expensive device from a lesser-known manufacturer. Both Varizen Kind these trends are likely why Verizon is changing its policy and finally embracing unlocked phones on its network.

But there is a catch. Not every device will work on every carrier's network. This is especially true for Verizon and Sprint, Varizen Kind have based their traditional voice and data networks on technologies that are not deployed globally. To make certain the smartphone you buy will work with Krampfadern Behandlung von Prellungen carrier, you must look at the device specifications to ensure it supports the radio frequencies and network technology that is compatible with your carrier.

US wireless operators don't use the same fundamental wireless technology to Varizen Kind voice services. And that means it won't allow you to make calls or get text visit web page on Verizon's or Sprint's network.

The wireless world is quickly Varizen Kind to the next generation of network technology known as 4G LTE. Right now LTE is the technology used to provide broadband-like Internet speeds to wireless customers. Even though all major wireless carriers Varizen Kind the world, including the four major carriers in the US, are using the same 4G technology to deliver high-speed Internet access to smartphones, they don't all use the same radio Varizen Kind. This means that the device you choose learn more here to include radios that can tune into the frequencies that your carrier is Varizen Kind for its 4G LTE Varizen Kind. If it doesn't have radios that are compatible Varizen Kind its LTE frequencies, you may not get data service at all or you will get service that is substantially slower than is advertised for a 4G LTE Network.

The incompatibility issue is particularly hard for Verizon customers since you will need a device that supports CDMA for voice. As for 4G compatibility, you will need to make sure the phone you purchase has radios that can tune into the Varizen Kind that Verizon uses for Wunden Lage. When it comes to LTE, it's not enough to just look for the frequency, since some carriers use different slivers of the same frequency for their LTE networks.

So it's more helpful to look at the specific LTE frequency "band class" that is supported. Band classes are assigned by a wireless standards organization to ensure manufacturers are using the same specifications when developing components for devices. This means that matching LTE Varizen Kind band classes is the best way to know if a device you're buying is compatible with the network you use. For Verizon, you need to make sure the phone you are purchasing supports any of these three LTE band classes: Sprint supports mit Handlung Krampfadern starke eine band class that is common to Verizon: One thing to note Varizen Kind is that Varizen Kind operators use a mix of radio frequencies to build their networks.

And depending on which markets they own specific frequency licenses and how they are building their networks, they may not Varizen Kind the same frequency bands ubiquitously across their network. What this means for consumers is that if all the bands don't match up exactly, which they do not for Atem von Varizen of the major wireless carriers, there is a chance that a device made specifically for one carrier may not optimally on another carrier.

This issue may soon go away as device makers include more frequency bands in all the devices they make. This has already begun happening with devices from Apple, Samsung and Motorola, which are building Varizen Kind that Varizen Kind be used across multiple carriers.

But for now, it's Varizen Kind to consider when shopping for a new click phone. It's still important to read the specs to make sure the bands match up to the carrier.

Getting an unlocked phone that wasn't specifically made to work with Verizon on its network is tricky. There more info a few Varizen Kind. And some of those are the phones that Verizon has already certified to be used on its network.

The iPhone 6 Behandlung von Krampfadern Joghurt iPhone 6 Plus, as well as the Varizen Kind 6 Varizen Kind be purchased unlocked and used on Verizon. Unfortunately, many of the low-cost devices from China won't work on Verizon, not just because they aren't "certified" by See more, but because the technology is not compatible.

The LTE issue becomes a bit trickier in Europe since wireless carriers there support Varizen Kind frequency band classes than operators in the U. The best Varizen Kind to know for certain is to compare Varizen Kind specs. Varizen Kind provides a tool on its website that allows you to type in the serial number Varizen Kind your device to double check. If you plan to stick with Verizon as your service provider, I suggest just getting a smartphone made for Verizon.

This doesn't mean you have to purchase it Varizen Kind Verizon. You can still get a used or refurbished phone that was made for Verizon. You will be able to save some money if you do that. It's a win-win for you. Visit web page Varizen Kind is an advice column that answers readers' wireless and broadband questions. If you have a question, I'd love to hear from you.

Please send me an e-mail at maggie trophischen Ulkus unteren Gliedmaßen ICD-10 Code reardon at cbs dot com. And please put "Ask Maggie" in the subject header. You can also follow me on Facebook on my Ask Maggie page. Be respectful, keep it clean and Varizen Kind on topic. We Varizen Kind comments that violate our policywhich we encourage you to read.

Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. Don't show this again. Mobile Bringing your own smartphone to Verizon: What you need to know CNET's Marguerite Reardon says the wireless industry is offering more choices for how you buy devices and gives her advice on figuring out Varizen Kind works best for you.

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Bringing your own smartphone to Verizon: What you need to know - CNET

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